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Software Development Targeted To Your Requirements

TeelWorks LLC is a collection of seasoned software professionals with experience developing a variety of solutions. Projects are as small or large as you require: from "get-over-the-technology-hump" tasks to fully documented projects following your corporate processes. Requirements analysis, Design and Design Documentation, Full Implementation including Code Reviews, Integration and Verification Test Procedures and Execution. We also have 20+ years of project management experience and can manage your development team to a timely conclusion. Or we can simply get your target board booting Linux/FreeBSD/VXWorks/Etc. so your team can "take it from there".

Embedded Software

Time critical embedded software development is one of several core competencies at TeelWorks. We have developed telecommunications protocol analyzers for SS7, land mobile radio (LMR) base stations (with 8-1 digital compression), automatic vehicle location (AVL) mobile units and audio/video streaming libraries for TI OMAP processors among others. Real time deterministic design with an emphasis on efficiency and size.

Linux Kernel and Drivers

TeelWorks has a wealth of experience building, embedding and modifying the linux kernel for multiple targets including ARM, PPC and x86. We have developed wireless 802.11 network drivers and modified GPIO and MDT drivers to name a few. Linux-R-Us!

Windows Drivers and Applications

We have successfully deployed multi-view situational display applications, multi-threaded high availability network route provisioning systems and NDIS intermediate filter drivers for Windows platforms.
Applications Networking
Device Drivers Protocols
Embedded/BSPs Project Management
Linux/Unix/BSD Windows 2K/XP
RTOS (pSOS, VxWorks) Servers

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